life in a haze

Caity. 21. Tampa. My blog says it all.

You are every new day


There could never have been
a light to my dawn
Were it not for you
So when you say
You feel guilty
For ever additional strain
For each imagined pain
You think you have brought me
I just want you to remember one thing
Without you
Where is no light in the dawn
There are no sunrises to smile on
There would be no new day
Without you

(Source: ladydragonslair)



wrap me in your arms
so I can peel off this loneliness
that clutches me like a demon

hold me against your skin
so I can feel the heat pressing
taking away the burn of winter

touch me desparately to say I’m yours
so I can let go of my fear
that you will forget to love me

kiss me with a tender caress
so I can know your breath
and the way you taste on my lips

know me in the most intimate way
so I can give you the ink of my heart
to write your name across my soul

(Source: ladydragonslair)

I asked my fiancé for ice water while he was in the kitchen last night to which he proceeds to hand me and let’s me drink most of a glass consisting of water along with his pee to be funny. The fact we are this close both frightens and excites me.

I have two levels of someone upsetting me. The first one is when It involves petty bullshit I’d like to school you in, I am passionate but not truly hurt or angry. The second is when I am so upset and hurt that I don’t even want to speak to you and no matter how hard I try to hold back my tears they end up pouring down my face.